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Friday, Oct 26 at 8:00 PM

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$35.00 plus fee


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Truly GREAT Comedy Is Funny, Relevant And Positive

Do you remember what GREAT comedy was?
It was smart. It was well performed. And it made you laugh until you cried.
It wasn’t political, it wasn’t profane, & it wasn’t worried about hurt feelings.

And after being away for far too long, GREAT comedy is back!

Introducing The Make Comedy Great Again Tour, a night of stand-up comedy, without politics, featuring over 100 years of experience on one stage! This show is 100% clean comedy so three generations can sit side by side by side and enjoy the essence of what truly makes up GREAT comedy. Audiences are certain to appreciate the “conservative" language while feeling free to laugh “liberally” during this night of label-free comedy.

Jeff Allen, Ross Bennett, Earl David Reed & Tina Giorgi all bring their unique perspectives on the America they grew up in, and the one they live in today, in this one big night of "tell it like it is" comedy.

Real comedy... GREAT comedy... is coming to Patchogue in a big way on October 26th and you do not want to miss it! Get tickets at the box office or at www.MakeComedyGreatAgain.com!

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